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High-Velocity Systems

HE-Z-Unit-Completeb-JPG.jpg High-velocity systems use higher pressures and smaller diameter ducting. Standard low-velocity systems utilize supply piping of 5"- 6" and 4"x10" supply registers. Hi-velocity systems are only 2" - 2 3/4" supply piping and registers. Employing a high pressure area to low pressure area dynamic, it continuously mixes the room air, creating even temperatures from floor to ceiling. This makes this system ideal for retrofit or new constructions homes that want less bulkheads and increased home comfort. 

The air handlers are small enough that they can be installed in almost any location, whether in an attic, crawl space, closet, basement or mechanical room. For cooling applications the air handlers can be used with any standard air conditioning condenser. For heating applications they can utilize heat pump condensers with backup sources of either hot water heating, or electric elements. 

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